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The following ingredients for Dave's Cream Ale1 has been added to your Shopping List:
In stockWLP080 Cream Ale Yeast Blend7.99 each1.007.99
In stockALEXANDER'S PALE MALT EXTRACT3.50 per lbs6.5022.75
In stockDRY MALT EXTRACT, GOLDEN LIGHT 1 LB7.99 each5.0039.95
In stockGREAT WESTERN CARAMEL 153.00 per lbs1.003.00
In stockFLAKED CORN3.00 per lbs0.501.50
In stockGALENA, PELLET, 2 OUNCE 13% AA4.75 each1.004.75
In stockLIBERTY, PELLET, 2 OUNCE 3.9% AA5.25 each1.005.25
 4.712 % Tax 4.01
 Recipe Total Cost  89.20

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