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The following ingredients for Irish Stout1 has been added to your Shopping List:
In stockWLP004 Irish Ale Yeast 7.99 each1.007.99
In stockBRIESS, DARK LIQUID MALT EXTRACT3.50 per lbs8.0028.00
In stockBRIESS ROASTED BARLEY3.00 per lbs0.501.50
In stockBREISS BLACK PATENT MALT3.00 per lbs0.501.50
In stockBRIESS CARAMEL MALT 120L3.00 per lbs0.501.50
In stockNORTHERN BREWER, PELLET, 2 OUNCE, 7.4% AA4.75 each1.004.75
In stockNUGGET, PELLET, 2 OUNCE, 15.1% AA4.75 each1.004.75
 4.712 % Tax 2.36
 Recipe Total Cost  52.35

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