British Bitter Ale – Extract Recipe Kit



British Bitters are an unintentional consequence of a change in British tax law. After the British changed their alcohol tax from a tax on ingredients to a tax on final alcohol content brewers discovered they could make very drinkable beer and still save tax money by reducing the wort gravity; however, they didn’t additionally reduce the hop content at the time, thus the creation of the British Bitter.


  • 6 Lbs. – Pale Liquid Malt Extract
  • .5 Lbs. – Great Western Caramel60 Malt
  • 1.5 Oz. – E.K. Goldings Hops @ 60 Mins
  • .5 Oz. – E.K. Goldings Hops @ 0 Mins
  • White Labs 005 – British Ale Yeast
    • Substitute Yeasts Include: Fermentis S-04 Dry Yeast or Wyeat 1318

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