Brewcasts: HBIP’s Favorite Brewing Podcast

Experimental Brewing Bar small

Podcasts have been very powerful in democratizing radio production and in helping spread useful information that otherwise would not have been distributed in traditional media outlets. Lucky for us, there are passionate homebrewers who’ve learned to take advantage of this technology and have shared their knowledge, experience, and love of homebrewing with the rest of us. Here’s a review of some of our favorite homebrewing podcasts.

The Experimental Brewing Podcast

Hosted by Drew Beechum and Denny Conn, the Experimental Brewing Podcast is one off the most popular in the homebrewing world. Drew and Denny enrich their episodes with great interviews, tips & tricks, and most importantly: experiment results. As the name suggests, the podcast challenges conventional wisdom in homebrewing by testing techniques and determining why we brew the way we brew. From testing open fermentations w/ saison yeast strains to evaluating the best method for kegging your beer, by listening to this podcast you will definitely learn some new ways to perfect your homebrewing passion!

Chop & Brew

Chip Walton and Bad Ass Bryon Adams are the masterminds behind Chop & Brew. This video-blog focuses on the relationship between food and beer. Episodes range from brew-days, to barbecuing, to making your own salsa, and include interviews, recipes, and tips & tricks. These guys are passionate about the craft of homebrewing and always hungry for excellent food. There’s rumor of a Hawaii episode being released soon from Bryon Adams’ vacation here in July, 2017. Chop for Chop! Brew for Brew!

The Brulosophy Podcast

The world is full of coincidences! And this is one of them. At the same time that Drew and Denny were developing the Experimental Podcast, Marshall Scott started of the Brulosophy blog, another exBEERiment based blog, which eventually expanded to include the Brulosophy Podcast. While the Experimental Brewing episodes cover a broad range topics in each episode, the Brulosophy team dives much deeper into the exBEERiment that they’re discussing on each episode. Like many other podcasts, some episodes include an interview or product review. A special segment to enjoy is the “1-Minute Beer Review with Jersey and Tim”.

Basic Brewing Radio

A stalwart of homebrewing podcasts, Basic Brewing Radio, has an extensive list of episodes dating all the way back to 2005. You’ll find episodes that cover just about every topic in the brewing world. Even though the delivery is not as entertaining as some of the podcasts reviewed here, the team producing Basic Brewing Radio are extremely knowledgeable and professional. Well worth listening to on brew day!